You know that feeling you get …

When you’ve sewn a dress for your daughter and she puts it on and just HAS to twirl!

and that feeling you get when someone asks where you brought her dress, and you get to say, “I made it”!

… well those feelings are what first got me hooked on sewing and I haven’t looked back!


My name’s Jen and I live in Cairns, Far North Queensland, with my husband and daughter Kt in a big blue timber house and I must confess my sewing space is slowly taking over our house. Delicious fabrics and vintage buttons inspire me and a ready selection takes space – that’s what I tell my husband anyway! Finding and following my sewing obsession has felt like an epiphany. When I sew I feel happy and complete.

The last eight years has seen Ainslee FOX grow from a hobby to my full time job and I’m so excited to see where the next eight years takes me!
My dream for Ainslee FOX is to design beautiful dresses for special occasions in little girls lives. The dresses they’ll twirl, dream and feel like they’re the most important person in the world while wearing. I want to make the patterns you’ll use to make the dresses they’ll remember dancing in when they’ve long outgrown them!

I love to see your creations and hear your stories, so if you like to chat be sure to come and hang out in the Ainslee Fox Sewing Den.

Happy Sewing.